Top Foodie Destinations in the U.S.

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When we think of the best countries for foodies, the first countries that come to our mind are Mexico, India, Spain, China, Italy, Japan, and many more. But, to be honest, you don’t need to go that far to satisfy the foodie in you. The U.S. has a lot to offer to satisfy the taste buds of all foodies. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

Five Best States For Foodies on the Road


As one of the most progressive states in the country, it’s no surprise that California is here in a list of top foodie destinations.

In every corner of the state, you would likely find something that would make any foodie happy. Eateries, fast food chains, and restaurants serve anything from sandwiches, burritos, oysters, sushi, and pastries. They also have a cannabis restaurant and café where you can smoke weed while munching on some yummy food. Talk about a gustatory treat.

With more than 80,000 farms that are the sources of dairy products and fruits and vegetables, you can bet every food will have the freshest ingredients. Don’t forget to take photos of their food and the interiors of their restaurants are Instagrammable. If you end up forgetting, we won’t blame you since anyone wouldn’t have time to take photos when they see Californian food; you would want to eat right away.


Washington attracts locals and tourists who want to see some of the most iconic American architecture and attractions like The White House, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and the National Gallery of Art. Besides these, people can also enjoy the state’s fresh coastal seafood and vegetables that a diverse group of farmers and foragers grow and harvest themselves.

If you’re a coffeeholic, Washington has some of the best coffee you’ll ever have, which you can have with some burgers, sandwiches, or pizzas. It’s not a very healthy combination, but if you are in Washington, you might as well indulge yourself in all the food the state has to offer.


Arizona appearing in a list of foodie destinations is surprising. But, think of it: just south of this state is the beautiful country of Mexico! Now, you know why. Mexican food is one of the best food in the world, and you wouldn’t need to go to Mexico to try authentic Sonoran hotdogs, burritos, nachos, and chimichangas when they are all available in Arizona.

Now, you might be thinking that Mexican food is not for everyone because it can be a bit too intense and spicy, but life is short not to try any of the food we just mentioned. If you have a sensitive stomach or have been suffering from bloating and excess gas constipation, and heartburn even before your trips, you can always go to a gastrointestinal specialist to get some help. Mexican food is worth the trouble for your sensitive stomach.

If Mexican food isn’t your thing, there are other options, from Native American dishes to European and Asian food. You have to try these during one of your trips to The Grand Canyon and Arizona’s national parks.

New York

The Big Apple. The concrete jungle where dreams are made of. New York is one of the most popular states in the U.S. for its tourist attractions like the Statue of Liberty, The Museum of Modern Art, Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Besides it being a tourist destination, it can also be a perfect foodie spot.

You’ve probably heard a lot of food with New York attached to its name, right? For example, New York-style pizza, New York-style bagels, New York-style gelato, and New York-style cheesecake. New York is a big foodie spot that many restaurants and coffee shops release their versions of these well-known types of food. Even their pizzas are comparable to that of Italian pizza.


While Vermont isn’t that famous except for its skiing resorts, it is also a foodie haven. It’s a small state, but with many options from cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Pair it up with some wine, and you will be sure to have a warm fuzzy wine and cheese night. The state also has some maple syrup, organically-grown lamb and beef, artisan foods, donuts, and chocolates. Tempting!

Melting Pot

The U.S. is a melting pot of people of different backgrounds making the food more diverse, and this is what makes America great. The mixture of cultures contributes to an eccentric blend of flavors, making the entire country perfect for foodies who want to explore American culture and diversity.