Top Five Activities You Can Do This Fall

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Autumn is one of the best seasons to travel due to better climate, cheaper travel, and colorful scenery. You can do many exciting activities with friends and family, like attending festivals, fishing, hiking, and more. This ultimate list of amazing fall activities will surely keep you happy and stress-free all year long.

Go Fly Fishing

Aside from enjoying the stress-relieving scenery, nature vacations are also a way to stay fit by incorporating physical activities. For instance, fly fishing can give you a total body workout due to casting, wading, and reeling the fish in. You’ll have an upper body workout with minimal strains that leaves your body feeling better at the end of the day.

To make fly fishing more fun, you can do some sort of competition among your family members. This will further hone your fishing skills and is a great way to make the most out of your vacation.

Make sure you bring essential fishing gear for you to enjoy the activity and help you win. Tip: Use a Shimano SpeedMaster surf rod as it’s designed for long casts and is known for its high performance.

Take a Weekend Getaway

Fall is a great time to plan your family road trips and drive through some scenic regions in the country. You can visit some historical attractions or go hiking, biking, and fishing for a fun-filled family activity.

bird watching

Attend a Fall Festival

Autumn is the favorite season of many people due to exciting fall festivals and events across the country. From the National Apple Harvest Festival in Pennsylvania to the Austin Food and Wine Festival, many events are going on from September to November:

  • Austin Food and Wine Festival: This festival features tasting the best dishes and wine from Austin’s restaurants. There are also cookbook signings, cooking demonstrations, and other special events held at the Auditorium Shores at Town Lake Metropolitan Park.
  • The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze: Enjoy the spectacular 7,000 illuminated jack o’ lanterns in this festival held at the Van Cortlandt Manor in New York. The eye-catching displays are enhanced with music and lighting for a more wonderful experience.
  • Harvest on the Harbor: This annual festival showcases the best food from farmers and restaurants and drinks from distillers and brewers. If it’s your first time visiting Maine city, this is a great way to check out their culinary scene.
  • Breckenridge Oktoberfest: Enjoy Oktoberfest at the town of Breckenridge and experience wine, food, and German-themed beer at the restaurants throughout the town.
  • Sonoma Natchez Balloon Festival: Get surrounded by live music and colorful hot air balloons at Mississippi’s annual Natchez Balloon Festival. Enjoy other attractions, arts, food, and more with your family and friends for the best weekend ever.

Go Bird Watching

Fall migration is a great time for bird watching as there are many new species you can identify. One of the best ways to watch birds is to look and listen, as they have various calls and songs. It’s recommended to invest in binoculars and a bird book to properly identify different species, or you can download birding apps on your smartphone.

Take a Hike

Autumn is a good time to get into the mountains due to the pleasant temperature. The gentle breeze ensures a great hiking condition, and the trees become more vibrant and colorful. But just like other types of recreational activities, hiking has certain risks, so make sure you take these safety precautions:

  • Fall weather can be unexpected, so make sure you have the right gear in case it rains. Be careful when crossing creeks and walking over slippery surfaces as they can be muddy. Remember to avoid going off the trail, as it can cause erosion. Walk right through the puddles so that you protect the vegetation and avoid damaging the ecosystems.
  • The colorful leaves that blanket the trail are beautiful to look at, but they can create confusion and make it difficult to follow the path. Avoid getting lost by learning how to use a compass, map, or navigational apps that you can easily download.
  • The forest floor, rocks, and roots are hidden under the leaves, making you prone to trips and falls. You can use trekking poles to provide support and help enhance your stability during your hike.

Fall activities are colorful, fun, and filled with all sorts of amazing surprises. These must-do ideas are even more perfect when spent with your family, friends, and kids, so go ahead and get started on celebrating this amazing season.