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The Exciting Elements of a Wedding: What You Should Add

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Planning a wedding is incredibly daunting and time-consuming, with many elements you must consider. It’s no surprise that the average cost of a wedding in the United States has skyrocketed in recent years; according to The Knot’s 2019 Real Weddings Study, couples spend an average of $33,900 on their big day—a figure that doesn’t include the honeymoon. Furthermore, this amount is expected to rise even further as couples continue to add more luxurious touches to their weddings.

From selecting a venue to choosing catering services, couples have endless options when planning the perfect wedding. A 2018 survey by YouGov revealed that for most couples, prioritizing the quality of food served at their reception was the most critical factor. This is followed closely by ensuring all guests have fun during the night and taking care of any last-minute details, such as picking up chairs or streamers.

Those are massive details to secure for a wedding. However, it might lead couples to forget to include some more exciting elements when planning their weddings. To ensure your wedding is memorable, here are a few ideas you should consider adding.

Decorative Pieces

Decorative elements are often overlooked when planning a wedding, but they can make or break the event. From the church aisle design to the wedding table decor, paying careful attention to details and creating an aesthetic that reflects your style and personality is essential. Decorative elements don’t have to be expensive. With creativity, you can add touches of elegance without breaking your budget.

When considering church decorations, consider how you want guests to feel when they enter the room. A beautiful floral archway is a classic choice for framing the entrance, as it emits a romantic atmosphere that guests will remember for years to come. If you’re looking for something more eclectic, consider hanging paper lanterns or vintage signs that match your color scheme. For example, if you are having an outdoor ceremony, then decorating trees with fairy lights or draped fabric is another great way to transform the area into something special instantly.

For reception décor, centerpieces that reflect your unique personality and match your overall theme should be chosen. You can use flowers in exciting ways, such as suspended floral arrangements or even edible bouquets made from fresh fruit and vegetables! Another option is to choose candles in creative holders like mason jars or terrariums filled with rocks and greenery. If you pick this route, ensure any flammable materials are far away from open flames. Finally, seating cards, place settings, and menus should also be carefully curated to help set the tone of your wedding tablescape.

Decorative elements are essential in creating memorable weddings; they add beauty while reflecting each couple’s style and taste. Think outside traditional ideas and draw inspiration from everywhere — Pinterest boards, magazines, and nature — when deciding on decorations for your special day!

Also, confetti and fireworks can bring more life to your wedding. Unfortunately, they can be unsafe, especially when children are part of the event. Fun wedding sparklers provide the best alternative for this situation, allowing you to make the wedding exciting while still practicing safety.

With thoughtful décor choices and unique details scattered throughout your venue, guests will be left with lasting impressions of a truly magical celebration!

DJ or Band

Band guitarist playing on a wedding

If you’re looking to get guests up and dancing, it’s essential to have the right music. Choosing a DJ or live band depends entirely on your preference and budget. A DJ is probably a better choice for those wanting something more high-energy, as they can mix different hip-hop and classical songs. On the other hand, hiring a band could be just what you need if you’re looking for something with more of an acoustic vibe.

Music can set the tone for any event, so be sure to discuss your favorite tunes and preferred style of music with whoever will be providing the entertainment. If you’re having a smaller wedding, DJs are usually more affordable, as bands tend to require at least four or five people to perform a complete performance.

Of course, the DJ or band will have to learn how to play the music you want to dance to, so provide detailed instructions if you have any specific requests. For example, some couples might want a few classic songs from their parent’s generation during dinner or cocktail hour.

Either way, your choice can add a particular element to your wedding reception—remember to inform guests that dancing is allowed!

Photo Booth

A photo booth is always an excellent addition to weddings, as it allows children and adults alike to have fun in front of the camera. Most companies offer props and backdrops that match your theme and instant prints with custom designs that include your name and hashtag. You don’t even need to rent a physical booth; many companies now offer digital ones where photos are taken through tablets rather than a traditional photo booth setup.

No matter how you decide to capture photos at your wedding, it’s sure to be a hit with guests! Take the time to choose an exciting backdrop and props that reflect your style. Providing fun accessories like silly hats and masks is always a great idea, as they encourage guests to take more pictures.

Once the night ends, everyone can reflect on all the memories they made throughout the day—making it even more special for them!

Final Thoughts

With all the details couples have to consider when planning their wedding, it’s easy to forget the exciting elements that can make a big difference. Decorative pieces and music set the tone, while photo booths are always a hit with guests!

Ultimately, remember that your wedding day should be memorable and reflective of your unique style—so don’t hesitate to think outside the box and add these fun elements for an even more memorable event.