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Don’t Get Caught Lacking Without These Summer Vacation Essentials

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Summer is best known for road trips and unforgettable vacations, and now that it’s right before us, everyone’s packing their bags and gearing up for the best possible summer they can get this 2021. And considering the fact that we’ve spent way too much time snuggled up inside our bedrooms, we’ll be pulling out all the stops for this one to make up for all the time lost, just hunkering down for the majority of 2020.

However, we want to remind everyone to not rush into things because you might get caught lacking, and the last thing we’d want anyone to experience is to be three hours away on a road trip only to discover that they’ve left behind their one and only charger on the nightstand. And so, to give you a quick general checklist to go over, we’ve gathered what we consider to be the summer vacation essentials you should always keep inside your backpack no matter where you go.

#1 Never Forget To Bring Protection

Protection, whether understood from a healthcare perspective, in conjunction with the summer heat or maybe a bit more “dirty,” should always be with you at all times. There’s no telling what you’ll end up facing along the road or some unexpected health restrictions that occur while you’re traveling, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

  • The Unrelenting Sun And Summer Heat: The hallmark of summer apart from recreational activities is the unrelenting sun and heat that you’ll need to be prepared to handle. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you always keep sunscreen in your backpack just in case you’ll have to sit out under the glaring sun for quite some time. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have an umbrella you can share with your buddies and sunglasses to keep your eyes safe.
  • Standard Healthcare Protocols: Of course, we can’t just overlook the fact that we’re still in the middle of the Covid-19 global pandemic, so you’ll still need to bring the necessary personal protective equipment assigned by standard healthcare protocols. While the CDC may have greenlighted things going back to normal once you’re vaccinated, it’s always good practice to have a face mask and face shield with you if certain establishments require them.


#2 Stuff To Keep You Preoccupied

Just because it’s the summer season doesn’t mean every second will be filled with jaw-dropping excitement, so you’ll also want to be as prepared for the in-between times of keeping yourself preoccupied. Sure, while blasting music on the stereo will last you for quite a while, don’t expect a playlist to last for the entire duration of the summer trip. 

  • How To Stay Connected With The World: From taking pictures to asking directions, the last thing you’d want to forget at home is your phone that allows you to stay connected with the world. Also, don’t forget to bring your charger and an external battery in case your itinerary will have you exposed to long hours on the road with nearly no charging dock to keep you filled up.
  • Rest And Relaxation: While many of us are plenty capable of crunching extra hours and going a few days without shut-eye, your summer vacation is naturally exempt from any stress factor. So, please don’t forget to have at least a pillow and blanket inside your backpack to help you catch some Zs when it isn’t your turn to stay up on the wheel.

#3 Match Your Planned Activities

Likewise, there’s only so much we can predict of what you need to bring unless we actually know what you’re planning to do, so just remember to match your planned activities appropriately with the items you intend to bring. For example, beachwear is a must-have for any sandy getaways and an extra set of formal clothing if you have plans to visit a fancy diner at some point. 

  • Bring Extra Clothes And Appropriate Attire: If you’ve left the laundry basket with quite the mess, then we strongly suggest that you rush to the dry cleaners and get your stuff done because extra clothes and attire should always come packed as well. Staying inside for too long has made us forget just how surprisingly fast you can go through a couple of outfits if you’re under the heat and building up quite the sweat, so be prepared with extras.
  • Don’t Leave Out Snacks & Drinks: Lastly, you can’t go on a summer vacation without any proper snacks and drinks planned ahead of time. Trust us when we say going on a road trip with an empty stomach is the worst feeling ever, so make sure everybody tagging along carries their fair share of sustenance or at least plan on who’s assigned with food duty.

Of Course, We Can’t Plan For Everything

Nevertheless, no matter how hard we try to prepare for every little just-in-case scenario that pops up in our minds, it’s nearly impossible to plan for everything. So, just try to check off at least the summer vacation essentials and accept that the spontaneity of traveling is but another feature to enjoy.