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Environment-friendly Ideas on Spicing Up Your Self-care Regime

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Many people plan on living a sustainable life. They start by reducing their wastes, sustainably improving their homes, and living a minimalist lifestyle. Their goal is to reduce their environmental impact while enjoying the perks of sustainable living.

If you also plan on doing the same, then you are making the right choice. With a green and sustainable lifestyle, you get to help protect the planet while giving your physical and mental health a favor. But did you know that you can also green your self-care regimen?

Self-care refers to the act of promoting physical, emotional, and mental health. We need to invest more in self-care if we want to live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. The good news is, there are ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle without putting self-care for granted.

Choose Local Businesses for Your Self-Care Needs

People have different ways of expressing self-care. Some love pampering themselves in spas and salons. Others invest in skincare products.

Some people love spending time in the gym, fitness centers, or dance studios to break a sweat. Others enjoy tasting different foods and cuisines. Some people love exploring places to enjoy new experiences.

You know you deserve the best and have every right to choose where to avail your self-care needs. But before you wander to other cities or states even, choose to go local first. There are tons of local businesses that offer high-quality services for your self-care needs.

Instead of visiting another city to get your hair done, choose a local salon for your natural hair. This way, you can reduce your carbon emissions. If you choose to ride public transport, walk, or bike to your salon of choice, you also get to enjoy the extra exercise while getting a high-quality hair pampering session.

The same goes when choosing your beauty products. Why choose international brands when many local businesses are offering various beauty products for your beauty needs? You get to help local businesses thrive and encourage others to patronize local products.

Say Yes to Journaling

Sometimes, the best self-care therapy you can engage in is healthy self-talk. Saying your thoughts out loud helps improve your mood and brings in healthy and happy emotions. Instead of constantly reminding yourself of what you don’t like and are unhappy about, consider choosing the opposite.

And while verbally telling yourself what you feel, your thoughts, and what you are grateful for, it also helps write these things down. This way, you get to record your thoughts and be able to reread them in the future. Instead of using paper to write down your thoughts, consider doing this digitally.

You have the option to a note app on your phone, create your own page, or write your own blog. You have the option to make your writings public or not. This will help you record your days, check any progress, and promote positive self-talk, which is good for your mental health.

Say Hello to Local Produce

Eating healthily should always be part of your self-care routine. But while it is tempting to order a healthy dish out of a delivery app, choose to prepare food yourself. You can choose the ingredients, sources to acquire them and even make the most out of food scraps if you have any.

For one, you can visit a local farmer’s market and enjoy fresh organic produce. You can also be a member of your community garden, so you start learning how to grow your own vegetables. Once you are ready, you can move to backyard gardening to tend your own garden.

The better your food choices, the healthier you can be both physically and mentally. You know where your food comes from and learn the best ways to preserve nutrients in food. If you ever have food leftovers, you can start your own compost bin to make sure you don’t waste any.

Do Yoga in Your Outdoor Living Space

Many people choose yoga to be their go-to exercise. It helps clear their mind, stretch off their tired muscles, and practice meditation. But instead of going to a yoga studio or doing yoga indoors, save energy by doing this in your deck or patio.

Using your outdoor living space to do yoga brings you closer to nature. Spending even a few minutes in nature can already help boost your mental health. You will feel happier, lower your stress levels, and improve your immune system.

You only need to set up your yoga mat, yoga ball, or yoga blocks to start doing yoga in your own backyard. This encourages your neighbors and your family to do some exercise with you. After you’re done, you can bask in the sunlight and appreciate your beautiful landscape at the same time.

Self-care is important in keeping yourself in a healthy and happy state. Since there are ways to practice self-care without damaging the environment, we should choose the eco-friendly approach. Incorporating a sustainable and eco-friendly self-care regime is a great way to boost our health and wellness while also benefiting the planet.