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Promoting Health And Wellness In Seniors

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Most of the time, people who converse and take care of seniors focus only on their physical health. General health is overlooked, and so as other aspects of their health. And often, people do not talk about their entire well-being.

The best definition of the term wellness is a person’s overall health and well-being. It not only focuses on one health component, which is physical but also tackles other aspects such as social and mental health.

One good way of defining it is that well-being and wellness are the measures of a well-lived life. It is simply an individual’s satisfaction with the life they lived and their current situation.

Promoting wellness and well-being is an important goal for caregivers and seniors. That is why we will talk about the best tips for promoting health in seniors and other aspects that you should also focus on.

Concept of Wellness and Well-Being

As mentioned, wellness and well-being indicate an individual’s satisfaction with their current situation and whole life. Different areas can contribute to well-being, including:

Promoting Physical Health

Wellness is indirectly connected to an individual’s physical health. But having a healthy physical body will contribute a lot in making a person feel better about themselves. It allows people to gain more control over their lives and their body.

Things that you should do to improve their physical health are:

  • Eating good and healthy foods
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Getting enough exercise
  • Regularly seeing a doctor
  • Good hygiene

It is imperative to take note if seniors show any symptoms, especially those symptoms that go on for an extended period. This may indicate underlying health conditions and problems.

Promoting mental health

Mental health is a critical area and aspect of wellness. Sadly, it is often viewed less in seniors. Caregivers primarily think about seniors’ physical health, not giving enough attention to their mental health.

Seniors can also suffer from mental problems like teenagers and adults do. They can also suffer from depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders and think of suicide and self-harm. So it is imperative to pay attention to these areas too.

Make sure to have mental health services for seniors. Mental health doctors can help you figure out how to help seniors.

Developing social connection

Most of the time, seniors are lonely and isolated. They are typically in the room lying alone or doing something all by themselves. But it is essential to understand that social interaction is also vital for seniors. It is for everyone.

Even seniors need to interact with other people regularly, especially those who have the same experience and interests as them. Sadly, seniors living with their family members are still isolated sometimes.

Organized gatherings for seniors are a great way to help them interact. These events can be a good opportunity for seniors to interact and socialize with people they can connect with. There are programs and local classes in a wide variety of areas. But remind them to always wear their medical alert bracelets whenever they go to such events.

Have time to look at what’s available. Some events will involve both your family member and you. It is a good approach for seniors to bond with you or other family members. These activities can make the whole process less intimidating for seniors.

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Specific Wellness Tips for Seniors

You can practice these approaches to promote wellness to seniors. Feel free to try each or figure out more on your own. Note that these are just general ideas, and some may not apply to all people or situations.

  • Promote gardening
  • Involve them in technology such as games and devices.
  • Regularly listening to music. Let the participants listen to music they are familiar with. Like the songs from their days and the ones they grew up with.
  • Let them move. Simple activities like walking, dancing, and swimming can make a huge difference to their mental and physical health. There are other activities to choose from, including yoga and tai chi.
  • Include them in family gatherings and events.
  • Keep their minds engaged using cognitive games and puzzles like crosswords and Sudoku.
  • Involve them in a game night with family or friends.
  • Make sure that they get regular checkups from a doctor.
  • Spend time with seniors outdoors. Take them to the cinema, a picnic or walk. Or something that you think they will enjoy.

Remember that even though they are old and already starting to get weak. The health of your senior loved ones is still as important as yours. Take care of them just like we take good care of ourselves, and do not forget to keep track of their mental health. Physical health can be easily checked and seen. But what goes inside their mind is hard to understand.