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Going Solo: Compelling Reasons to Travel Alone After the Pandemic

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For most people, leisure travel is a must. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic blocked people from being able to travel, particularly overseas.

Non-essential travel was not permitted in the first few months of the pandemic. And many countries closed their borders to tourists. This dramatic stop set back the travel industry quite a lot. The pandemic’s impact cost the global travel industry $935 billion in revenue.

And so it’s easy to understand why many are so keen on traveling after the pandemic. Perhaps they plan to resume their postponed 2020 travel plans. Or they just want to explore for the sake of it.

Usually, people travel in groups. Some go around with their family or friends while others join group tours. There’s a certain appeal to traveling in groups. You automatically have companions that can make the experience much more fun. So if you haven’t tried traveling on your own, you might want to add it to your post-pandemic bucket list. Solo travel has its own advantages that make it a must-do at least once.

Regain Freedom and Independence

In some way, the COVID-19 pandemic took away some form of freedom. This is especially true in the first few months when cities had to go on lockdowns. People could only go out for essential activities. Malls, gyms, and restaurants had to close temporarily as advised by authorities. The lockdown and home quarantine have made people feel trapped since they couldn’t go out like they used to.

One great solution to this problem is solo travel. Nothing screams freedom and independence more than going out into the world on your own. You get to call all the shots: where you will go, where you will stay for the time being, and so on.

Go Around at Your Own Pace

Traveling alone gives you a lot of flexibility. When you travel with a group of people you personally know, you can’t make a decision on your own. You need to consider everyone. But sometimes, that doesn’t go well. For instance, they might want to go to a tourist spot you’re not interested in.

When you travel alone, you get to be selfish. You can make your own decisions. Maybe you want something spontaneous. For example, you have seen a video of people having fun skiing and feel like doing the same. You can visit your nearby department store and grab a discounted Obermeyer ski jacket, a beanie, and some gloves, and then go to the nearest ski resort. Or if you suddenly want to travel overseas, you decide on your own where to go, what tourist spots to visit, and where to stay.

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Set Your Own Budget

Traveling in groups can be more expensive. Perhaps your friends love to eat at highly rated restaurants or would rather stay in a fancy hotel than a bed and breakfast or an Airbnb.

When you travel by yourself, you can spend as much or as little as you want. For instance, since you don’t have other people to consider, you can get the most affordable ticket. You can choose any flight time you want. No one will pressure you to spend on something you don’t really like.

Easier to Social Distance

The fear of being infected by the virus will likely stay for a while even after the pandemic. For more than a year now, observing social distance and wearing masks have become the new “normal.” Even if you’re already fully vaccinated, you might still need to observe social distancing when you travel. It may still be imposed in some are{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“b4ae787f-abf3-4863-b165-9dbf2b6e2f60″],”srcRootClientId”:””}as. Observing physical distance from others will be much easier if you travel alone.

Improve Your Mental Well-being

The pandemic has introduced new stressors. Working from home removes work-life boundaries. This results in longer working hours that lead to stress and burnout. Concerns over health and finances also loom over people. In a survey by the World Health Organization, 48 percent of parents responded that their stress levels increased due to the pandemic.

Traveling alone will help you recharge. It’s a break from your “reality” and can help you overcome stress. You also won’t experience some of the common causes of travel stress, such as the tension between travel companions.

When traveling anywhere in the world becomes possible again, you might have the urge to jump onto the next flight to your favorite destination. Besides, it’s a great way to reward yourself for surviving the pandemic. But this time, consider going on your own instead of traveling with your family or friends.