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Pre-Wedding Blues: Does it Really Exist?

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Weddings are supposed to be a happy time, but sometimes the lead-up to the big day can be anything but. In fact, pre-wedding blues is a natural phenomenon that many brides and grooms experience as they grapple with the stress of planning their weddings.

Pre-wedding blues are characterized by feelings of anxiety, stress, and even depression in the weeks and days leading up to the wedding. This can be caused by several factors, including the pressure of making sure everything is perfect, concerns about money, and family dynamics.

But is it normal?

The good news is that pre-wedding blues are perfectly normal. In fact, they’re so common that there’s even a name for them. So if you’re feeling a little down in the weeks leading up to your big day, know that you’re not alone.

However, it may come to a point where the pre-wedding blues start to impact your day-to-day life and interfere with your ability to enjoy the lead-up to your wedding. If this is the case, seek professional help. This should be relatively easy as you can now find a professional on the internet anywhere. In fact, you can even find a therapist for mental health online from the Philippines.

A therapist can help you work through your feelings and develop coping mechanisms to deal with the stress of planning a wedding. They can also help you identify any underlying issues contributing to your pre-wedding blues.

Fighting pre-wedding blues

Overcoming pre-wedding blues doesn’t have to be extremely daunting. If you are experiencing pre-wedding blues, here are a few things that may help:

Talk to your friends

As mentioned, it’s normal to feel a little stressed out in the lead-up to your wedding. But that doesn’t mean you have to go through it alone. Talk to your friends about how you’re feeling and see if they can relate. Chances are, they might be feeling the same way. Just knowing that you’re not alone can be a huge relief. And, who knows, maybe your friends will give you some great advice on dealing with your pre-wedding blues. Either way, talking to your friends is a great way to fight the blues and ensure you’re all set for your big day.

Try relaxation techniques

One of the best ways to combat pre-wedding stress and anxiety is by doing relaxation methods. There are several ways to relax your mind and body from deep breathing exercises to yoga. Yoga, in particular, is a great way to reduce stress as it helps to promote mindfulness. On the other hand, deep breathing exercises can help to slow down your heart rate and calm your nerves. Whatever relaxation technique you choose, make sure to give yourself enough time to reap the benefits.

Get organized

Sometimes, brides and grooms get pre-wedding blues because they feel like they’re not in control of the situation. If this sounds like you, it might be helpful to try and get organized. Make a list of everything that needs to be done, and start crossing things off as you go. This will help you to feel more in control and less stressed out. In addition, getting organized will also make it easier to delegate tasks to your friends and family. This way, you won’t feel like you have to do everything yourself.


Exercise is not only good for your physical health but also for your mental wellbeing. So, if you’re feeling stressed out, take some time to go for a run or hit the gym. You’ll not only feel better physically, but you’ll also find that your mood improves. To make your workout more effective, try to do it outdoors in nature. You may also want to invite your fianc√© or a friend to join you in your activity to make it more fun.

Get some sleep

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When you’re stressed, it’s easy to let your sleep schedule fall by the wayside. But not getting enough sleep will only make you feel worse. So, make sure you’re getting enough rest in the lead-up to your wedding. This means going to bed at a reasonable hour and ensuring you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Make time for yourself

Lastly, make time for yourself. In the midst of all the wedding planning, it’s essential to take a step back and focus on your own needs. Whether taking a relaxing bath or going for a walk in the park, make sure you’re making time for activities that make you happy. This will help reduce your stress levels and ensure you’re feeling your best on your big day.

Final thoughts

Wedding planning can be a stressful time for any bride or groom. But if you’re feeling particularly down in the lead-up to your wedding, it could be a case of pre-wedding blues. Follow the tips above to overcome your pre-wedding blues and make sure the feeling of uneasiness doesn’t ruin your big day. After all, your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life.