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Why a Pre-employment Makeover Can Boost Your Upcoming Career

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Successful people often credit their talent, hard work, and luck for their fortunes. But in fact, their good looks might have something to do with it, too. Studies show that attractive people are more successful in life, with greater chances of being hired and making more money than their less attractive peers.

But their good looks have nothing to do with societal beauty standards. Instead, it’s about their charisma and charm. They don’t need to have flawless skin or expertly done makeup. Just by smiling, making eye contact, sitting up straight, and dressing sharply, they capture attention and earn respect.

Hence, if you think your appearance isn’t cutting it in your dream job, you can benefit from a pre-employment makeover. Develop your personality, enhance your assets, and improve what can look better.

Why Attractiveness Leads to Greater Success

Studies reveal that well-groomed people have better chances of getting hired and that good-looking people earn 12% more than less appealing ones. In addition, attractive real-estate brokers were found to close more deals than their less-attractive ilk.

Even politics seem to favor the attractive. In a paper published on the 2019 congressional midterms, it was said that good-looking candidates were more likely to get elected.

The “beauty premium,” as psychologists call it, is similar to the pay gap between men and women or whites and blacks. However, it’s not only bias that leads attractive people to success. In fact, employers don’t even need to see your face to decide how attractive you are. If you are interviewed via phone call and sound eloquent, the recruiter will immediately assume that you’re attractive and offer you a higher salary.

Good looks also make you more confident. And confidence helps you perform better. Moreover, it causes the “halo effect,” wherein we assume that attractive people are more sociable, dominant, warm, intelligent, and mentally healthy. But of course, you have to show those characteristics before earning a “job well done.” Otherwise, you may not succeed as fast, though your income may still be higher than your less attractive peers.

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How a Pre-employment Makeover Can Change Your Career Life

Now that we know what employers see in attractive people, here’s how a makeover can help you leave a better impression:

  • Dressing for the job you want reflects your judgment skills

If you applied for an office position wearing a tailored suit or smart casual attire, it indicates that you know what is expected of you. This lets employers gauge your judgment skills. They note that you’ve dressed for the part, making them assume how much you want the job. On the other hand, if you dressed in party clothes, you demonstrate that you didn’t fully understand the situation and the responsibilities it entails.

  • Grooming or dolling up emits a more professional image

Nobody likes to work with someone who doesn’t look after themselves well. Why would an employer trust you to finish an important project if you can’t even comb your hair or brush your teeth? Your self-care routine may not have anything to do with your job, but it reflects your character. Neglecting yourself shows that you don’t take responsibility for your well-being.

On the contrary, showing up at work with pressed clothes, neat hair, and light but well-done makeup expresses your respect for your job, and thus your professionalism.

  • A beautiful smile makes you appear more approachable

If your work in sales or any field often puts you in social situations, a beautiful smile is essential. It makes you look more approachable, socially skilled, and charismatic.

If oral issues make your smiles less appealing, go to a trusted orthodontist and inquire about braces. You can wear transparent braces if the traditional metal ones are a distraction in your work. Invisalign, a popular brand of transparent braces, takes no more than two years to work, depending on the crookedness of your teeth. If your alignment issues are minor, it may work faster, so get them as early as you can to improve your smile quickly.

  • A well-developed personality improves your negotiation skills

In jobs where negotiation skills are required, a well-developed personality will give you an edge. If you are submissive or easily intimidated, you won’t get a shot at promotion. You may even get terminated for performing so poorly.

Combined with good looks, a well-developed personality makes you the complete package. If you’re a woman, this will make you negotiate excellently with men. You’d have so much power that men would even engage in an unfair negotiation with you.

However, despite the advantages of attractiveness, note that you don’t have to go to great lengths to change your looks and personality. You can work with what you already have, as long as you carry them with grace. As cliche as it sounds, confidence is key.