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Managing Stress & Anxiety in Travels: Some Effective Tips

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• Take time for yourself by opting for massage therapy or meditation. 

• Stay connected with family and friends to reduce loneliness. 

• Get moving with activities like walking, running, cycling, or kayaking. 

• Prepare ahead of time by organizing documents and researching destinations. 

Traveling can be a fantastic experience, but it can also be stressful and anxiety-inducing. If you’re someone who struggles with mental health issues, the added stress of being on the go can be incredibly challenging. Here are some tips for managing stress and anxiety while you’re away from home.

Take Time For Yourself

One of the best things you can do to manage stress and anxiety when traveling is to take some time for yourself. Carving out some “me time” will help reduce your negative feelings and give you a chance to relax and recharge. Here are some ideas:

Massage Therapy

Getting effective massage therapy helps to release tension in the body, as well as promote relaxation and mental clarity. This type of therapy can help reduce cortisol (the hormone associated with stress) levels, as well as increase serotonin and dopamine (chemicals associated with positive emotions).


Meditation is a great way to relax and clear your mind. It helps to reduce stress, as well as gives you the opportunity to focus on being present at the moment. Taking just 10-15 minutes per day to meditate can make a big difference in how you’re feeling throughout your trip.

Try A Relaxing Activity

Sometimes all you need is to do something that’s calming and enjoyable. Maybe it’s going for a walk in nature, reading a book in a cozy cafe, or even taking an online yoga class. Anything that helps you relax and decompress can make a world of difference.

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Stay Connected

Being away from home doesn’t mean that you have to disconnect from the people who support you emotionally—in fact, staying connected with loved ones back home may help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation that are common when traveling alone.

Make sure to keep in touch with family and friends during your travels by sending them emails or messages on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Even just having someone to vent about the stresses of travel can make all the difference.

If possible, arrange to meet up with a friend in the city you’re visiting so that you have someone to talk to and share your experiences with. This can help make traveling feel more like an adventure rather than an overwhelming and stressful experience.

Get Moving

Exercise has been proven to help reduce symptoms of depression and other mental health issues. It’s also a great way to explore new places if you’re traveling somewhere unfamiliar. Try the following tips for incorporating physical activities into your itinerary:

Go For Walks or Runs

Going for walks or runs is a great way to explore your destination while also getting some exercise. Not only can this help reduce stress and anxiety, but it can also give you the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of a new place. Research has shown that spending time outdoors helps decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety, so making time for outdoor activities is essential.

Try a New Activity

Take advantage of your travels and try something new—like kayaking, paddle boarding, or cycling. This can be a great way to break up the monotony of everyday life and keep things exciting.

Find Local Gyms or Fitness Classes

If you’re staying in one place for a while, consider finding local gyms or fitness classes to attend. This is a great way to get your body moving and release some of that built-up stress and tension. Local gyms are also a great way to meet new people and explore the culture of an unfamiliar city. If you can’t find one, simple stretches and yoga in your hotel room can help you relax and unwind.

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Prepare Ahead Of Time

Being prepared ahead of time will significantly reduce any worry or stress associated with travel plans—especially if there are flights involved. Before leaving home, make sure all your documents (passport, visa, and tickets) are organized, so they’re ready when needed.

Your carry-on luggage should also be packed according to multiple airline regulations (no liquids over 100ml) so that it won’t cause any delays at security checkpoints at airports. This will ensure that everything goes smoothly throughout your journey.

If you can, make a list of all the places you want to visit and do a bit of research beforehand—this will help keep you organized, reduce the possibility of stress, and make the most of your time.

Traveling doesn’t have to be a stressful experience—with some careful preparation and these tips, it can be an enjoyable journey that allows you to explore new places while managing any stress and anxiety you may be feeling. Remember to take care of both your mental and physical health while traveling—it will help make your journey an enjoyable one.