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Life After Transplant: Enjoying Life with Precautions After an Organ Transplant

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It is not every day that one with a life-threatening health condition gets a second chance at life. Many people die each year while waiting for their organ transplant. According to statistics, up to 20 people die daily while being on the donor list.

This goes to show that many people suffer from severe organ failure that their only hope is to find a potential donor willing to donate their organs. While some people can be live donors, more people rely on dead donors to receive their much-needed organs. This is why many people have to wait months, even years for the right donor to come along.

Patients with kidney failure, for instance, can only choose between dialysis and kidney transplant. Many kidney patients rely on large dialysis companies to keep their systems from shutting down. But if they are after a long life, they are most likely to wait for a donor while doing regular dialysis treatments.

Those who are lucky enough to experience a successful organ transplant can now enjoy their new organs but with caution. Your newfound goal in life after transplant could be to make the most out of your second life. But in order for you to do so, there are precautionary measures you need to observe.

Avoid Trying to Do Everything

Having a second chance at life can feel empowering. It might feel like you can do anything you want now you managed to snag a healthy organ. But even after recuperating, there is no reason to do everything at once. There are things you should observe and avoid doing if you want to get the most out of your second life.

For one, avoid any strenuous activity. There are ways you can handle such activities without pushing your body to the limits. Even if you are essentially healthy and strong thanks to your new organ, there is no reason to overwork yourself.

Travel with Caution

You might be excited to be able to travel again after being not able to do for many months or years even. Still, it helps to plan your next trip carefully so you can take better care of your new organ. For one, consider the following trips.

  • Let your doctors know of your travel plans
  • Listen to their recommendations
  • Have them write extra prescriptions so you can take more supplies of your medication on your trip
  • Do your research to make sure you can safely and legally take your prescriptions with you
  • Keep in mind activities you are not allowed to indulge in
  • Never drink tap water in unknown places

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Consider Pursuing a Passion Safely

We all have at least one thing we always wanted to try to enjoy but never had the heart to consider trying. This can be a hobby, job, or a destination you always wanted to visit. Now that you have your life back, it pays to reconsider your options and chase after your dreams.

Thankfully, you don’t need to risk your health and safety just to pursue your passions. If what you wish to accomplish can potentially harm you and your new organ, try thinking outside the box. There are no strict rules saying there is only one way of doing things.

For instance, you always wanted to try bungee jumping. It is advisable that you ask your doctor first before making a final decision. If it is against their recommendation, you can try other alternatives, like a Virtual Reality bungee jump experience as an example.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Now that you have a second chance at life, this is the perfect time to change your lifestyle for the better. But then, what a safe and healthy way of living can be different from your situation. For starters, not everyone had major surgery, let alone experienced an organ transplant.

Listen to your doctors’ advice when it comes to how you can live a healthier lifestyle. This usually means saying goodbye to your vices, avoiding new ones, taking your medications on time, and staying away from things that can harm your new organ.

It helps to keep yourself active with the help of activities your doctors deem safe for you. Instead of strenuous exercise, consider other alternatives especially if you are still fresh out of the hospital. Take it easy and educate yourself so you can live a lifestyle that is healthier than before.

Life after a transplant can feel like a dream come true. But then, a new life won’t make you invincible. Take great care of your second chance of life and you can increase your chances of living a longer and more fulfilling life.