For Students: Organizing Vacations During the Holidays

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Winter breaks have always been looked forward to by students. They get to spend their time however they want with the excuse of “it’s cold” conveniently available for use to escape or engage in many activities. Although some will use this time to get ahead of their academics, some will benefit more from completely keeping their minds off from studying.

Different students of different age groups may have other ideas on what to do during the winter break. Younger students might want to stay in their rooms to play video games, while older students will want to spend time outside with their peers. But here are some good ones that students can enjoy either by themselves or with friends and families during the holidays.


Skiing is one of the go-to holiday vacations that can be enjoyed by groups of friends or whole families. Skiing is a good activity for winter because it keeps you moving even when you feel tempted to stay inside and stay warm by the fireplace.

You have to have the proper lessons if you are inexperienced and have the right gear. These can be fitted ski outfits, helmets, and Nordica ski boots for men to protect their legs and feet while skiing. But this activity might have to be scheduled and booked ahead of time because the number of vacation goers on ski slopes during winter can soar through the roof.


Hiking during winter is a whole new experience if you’ve only done it during warmer seasons. You will get to see a grayer and more silent nature in contrast to the green leaves and sounds of mountains and forests during summer. Hiking also brings you closer to nature which many students might not engage with due to their busy schedules in school.

But hiking has to be planned carefully because of the possible dangers that winter can bring. Look at weather forecasts in your hiking area to see if a snowstorm is coming and ask about the safety measures put up by the staff in hiking trails to keep your vacation as safe as possible.

Organizing an Ocean Adventure

If you are not for the cold, you can always get away from it and go somewhere warmer to have a beach day. Going to the beach can be therapeutic as you listen to the soothing sound of the waves crashing on the shore or plain fun and ridiculous as you play with your friends or family. Going to the ocean also opens other activities aside from swimming like jet-skiing, snorkeling, and boating to make your break even more fun.

Going on a Road Trip

The winter break may feel like a short time for some students, so a road trip may be your best bet. A road trip can be packed with a few destinations within just a few days or even hours. You can stop by any place on the road depending on how you plan your route, so planning is important (but spontaneity is still welcome).

But the fun ultimately comes from the trip itself and not the destination. Pack your car with the people you love hanging out with, a lot of food and snack to enjoy, and some good music and stories to keep everyone engaged during the drive.


Christmas is the season of giving, so some will try to get ahead of their gift shopping to get better deals and items. Shopping is generally viewed as stressful during holiday seasons because of the sheer number of people outside and the long list of items to shop for. But shopping can still be fun if you relax and look at the many new seasonal decorations inside stores. But if it is such a hassle for you to go out, you can always shop online where everything you need is at the tip of your finger.

Spending Time with Family

For those who study away from home, spending time with family might be what they need. Before entering adulthood, many students will want to spend more time with family to make happy memories to hold onto for life. This will also help strengthen the family relationship strained either by distance or busyness while studying for school. After all, reconnecting with parents, siblings, and other relatives has always been done during the happy season of Christmas.

Having fun during the holiday is an excellent way to take off some of the pressure schools constantly put on students. Making the most of this break will depend greatly on your interests, but you can always try something new to keep everything interesting. Remember to enjoy this holiday with safety precautions in place whatever activity you choose to engage in.