First Face-to-Face Corporate Party? What You Should Do

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  • Decide on a venue and theme for the corporate party that reflects the company’s culture and values.
  • Partner with local suppliers for food, drinks, and other services to keep your budget low.
  • Make sure to hire professionals such as photographers or videographers to capture special moments at the event.
  • Execute necessary plans ahead of time and get feedback from attendees after the event so any issues can be identified and resolved quickly.

The COVID-19 pandemic has unprecedentedly impacted businesses worldwide, including many that have been forced to transition to remote operations to remain afloat. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of April 2021, “nearly one-third of employed persons worked at home during the pandemic.” This figure includes employees who could continue their jobs remotely due to technological advancements and those who found new employment opportunities that required them to work from home.

Aside from health and safety concerns, cost saving was a significant factor in many companies’ decisions to move their operations online. Companies that have gone entirely remote have seen substantial reductions in overhead costs such as office rent and supplies and staffing expenses related to hiring and training new hires. In addition, companies with remote workforces find more flexible scheduling options to better manage workflow demands with fewer people and less money needed for benefits such as healthcare and retirement plans.

However, there is no denying the benefits of face-to-face corporate functions. Human contact is essential for fostering solid connections, building trust and camaraderie among employees, and helping to motivate teams. Even though remote operations have been made more efficient through technology, there will always be something special about meeting with colleagues in person.

That could be in the form of a corporate party. If you plan on hosting a gathering to celebrate your employees’ hard work and dedication, here are some tips to ensure it is successful.

Decide on the Venue and Theme

A face-to-face corporate party can be challenging for businesses without physical establishments. They can rent a venue or utilize an outdoor space if available. Virtual events can be organized and made engaging with the help of technology if it’s not possible to have in-person gatherings.

Once you decide on a venue, consider the theme for your party. Your event should reflect your company’s culture and values and make attendees feel appreciated for their efforts. Themes range from formal dinners to fun activities such as scavenger hunts or escape rooms. However, venues might not have the items you need, like coverage for outdoor settings. Fortunately, corporate tent rental services can provide the proper structure and furniture for your event space.

Partner with Suppliers

A photographer for corporate event

A corporate party can be expensive, and budget is a significant factor when planning. Partnering with local suppliers for food, drinks, and other services will go a long way toward keeping your costs down. It’s also essential to work with reliable vendors experienced in providing corporate events. Here are a few critical services to look for when selecting vendors:


A full-service catering company can provide delicious meals and drinks for your guests. They should be able to work with you to customize a menu that reflects the theme of your event.


Professional photographers or videographers can capture special moments at your event, which will be great memories down the road.


To ensure attendees have an enjoyable and memorable experience, consider hiring performers such as musicians, magicians, comedians, or DJs.

Lights and Sounds

Lighting and sound services can help create an exciting atmosphere for your event. This will ensure that everyone’s attention is focused on the main stage or whatever part of the venue is used as the focal point.

Helping Remote Workers Get to the Venue

Creating corporate invitation for employees

Remote businesses have the luxury of hiring talented professionals anywhere around the world, along with other significant benefits. Unfortunately, the working arrangement might make it challenging for them to get physically present at the event. If your company has remote workers, consider providing them with transportation or other incentives so that they can join in on the celebration.

Some, however, might require more than transportation costs to make it to the party. As such, you should also consider providing them with accommodation and meals so they can enjoy their time at the event.

It will also be necessary to send promotional materials to remote workers to keep up with the party even if they cannot attend in person.

Execute and Evaluate

Putting together a successful corporate event is no easy task, so it is essential to plan and be prepared for any possible issues that may arise. Before executing your plans, ensure you have all the necessary permits and licenses required for the activities you intend to do. You should also create an emergency plan just in case something unexpected happens.

Finally, evaluate how well your event turned out by asking for feedback from attendees after the party has ended. This will help you gain valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t, which you can use for future events or other projects.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a face-to-face corporate party is an excellent way to show appreciation for your employees and build relationships among them. It may be more challenging to plan than virtual events, but it can be a great success with the proper preparation. Following these tips will create an unforgettable experience that everyone will enjoy.