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Take Your Family to a Vacation in These Asian Destinations

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Part of the joy of being a parent is going on vacations with your kids. You see them having fun, and it makes you feel happy too, although you’d honestly rather spend your rest days on your OSIM massage chair. However, going on a vacation is just a small price to pay to see them happy.

If you want to take your family on a week-long vacation out of the country, Asia is a top choice. Not only is the largest Disneyland found in Shanghai, China, but you will also never run out of fun-filled activities in other Asian destinations. Here are some from which you can choose:

1. Seoul, South Korea

This concrete jungle is not only for K-pop fans. Although if you have a teenager who is crazy about a K-pop group, this will probably be the best vacation of their life. Seoul is a great family destination because this metro is clean and safe.

Seoul has an efficient, although a little complicated, train system that can get you safely and quickly to your destination. Despite the very modern culture of South Korea’s capital, a trip to Seoul is a cultural learning experience for the family. You can visit a century-old palace after shopping for the latest phones and other gadgets.

Historical sites and modern buildings are practically minutes from each other. And that is the best thing about Seoul. Their history and their present harmoniously co-exist.

South Korea probably has the most significant number of quirky cafes all over the world. You kids will have fun in play cafes. You can also take them to theme parks. It’s an all-in-one vacation.

2. Singapore

Although the beaches of Singapore are not at par with their neighbors, it has everything that your family needs in a tropical vacation. Singapore has some of the best resorts in Asia. You can easily spend a week in one of them. But, if your family has the time and energy to experience all of them, it’s possible. After all, Singapore is the second smallest Asian country next to the Maldives.

First up, you can visit Sentosa Island. It is a small island, only five square kilometers in area. Its rainforest is home to Singapore’s flora and fauna. The main attraction for families here is the Sentosa Island Resort. It is a prime destination that offers a variety of attractions, including museums and water activities your kids will definitely enjoy.

Singapore merlion

3. Tokyo, Japan

If Seoul is for K-pop lovers, then Tokyo is for anime and manga lovers. Even if no one in the family is a certified otaku, Tokyo is still a vacation wonderland. This city is colorful, explosive, and vibrant.

Tons of theme parks are scattered all over this city, and there is undoubtedly something for all ages to enjoy. You can do a tour of all the amusement parks in Tokyo. Starting from the oldest ones in the whole country, Hanayashiki, make your way to the new ones. A Harry Potter theme park is set to open in 2023. You might want to take note of that if you or your kids are a fan.

Your kids can have fun with water creatures at Tokyo Disneyland’s DisneySea. Let them play with Hello Kitty at Sanrio Puroland. And if your kids love prehistoric creatures, take them to see the dinosaurs at Kodomo no Mori Park.

Since Japan is the land of technology and innovation, you can also take your kids on educational tours in different museums like the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

4. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is one of the cities where you think it would be great to bring your family the next time if you visit alone. This city is immaculate and welcoming. The locals are not that chatty, probably due to the language barrier. But the transport system is easy to navigate. There will rarely be moments when you need the help of a local to guide you.

If your kids love exploring food, Taipei is a haven. Their street food is fantastic. You will get to eat a lot of weird but delicious food combinations. And if you don’t mind letting your kids stay up until the wee hours of the night, the night markets will be an excellent experience for them. You can get them quality shoes and clothes at an affordable price.

Taiwan is also very small, so it’s convenient if you want to check out other cities outside of Taiwan. The unique flower fields in Taichung are something to marvel at if you visit in January.

Family trips can be exhausting. But with the proper planning, you can make your next vacation the best one ever.