Small Touches That Will Enhance Your Airbnb Guests’ Experience

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• Provide essential amenities to give guests one less thing to worry about during their stay.

• Place a welcome mat in the kitchen for extra comfort and style.

• Include extra towels both for the bathroom and kitchen for convenience.

• Keep the space clean before each check-in date to ensure that your guests don’t have to worry about cleaning up.

• Incorporate local artwork or decorations to create a memorable atmosphere in your Airbnb space.

Are you looking for ways to make your Airbnb stand out from the competition? There are some small touches that can help improve your guests’ experience while staying at your Airbnb. These small details can make a big difference when it comes to giving your guests a fantastic stay and leaving them with great memories. Here are a few small things you can do to enhance their experience:

Have Amenities Ready

Having essential amenities ready gives guests one less thing they need to worry about while on vacation or business travel. It also helps create an inviting environment where they feel cared for during their stay with you! Here are the amenities your Airbnb absolutely needs to have:


Soap, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste are all must-haves when it comes to amenities. You may also want to include some extra items like a hairdryer or razor for your guests, depending on their needs.


Your guests will appreciate having snacks readily available in the kitchen area. This could be anything from fruits and nuts to crackers and chips – just make sure that the snacks you provide are appropriate for your guests’ dietary restrictions.

Coffee and Tea

Having coffee or tea in the kitchen is a great way to show hospitality and ensure your guests have what they need when they wake up in the morning. You may also want to include some sugar, milk, and other extras so that they can have the perfect cup of coffee or tea.

Access to Wi-Fi

For many guests, having access to Wi-Fi is essential for both work and leisure activities. Make sure that you provide your guests with the access code prior to their check-in so they can connect right away.

By having essential amenities in your Airbnb, you can make sure that your guests have the best possible experience.

Have A Kitchen Mat

Having a kitchen mat in the kitchen area is a great way to provide extra comfort and style. A welcome mat also adds a touch of warmth and personality. It’s an easy way to show that you care about your guests and want them to feel comfortable in your space.

Provide Extra Towels


Providing extra towels in both the bathroom and kitchen is an easy way to increase guest satisfaction. You don’t need anything too fancy. Just make sure that there are enough clean towels for your guests, so they don’t have to worry about running out or having wet towels during their stay. Additionally, you may want to provide some beach towels for those days spent by the pool or at the beach.

Keep The Space Clean

Keeping the space clean is essential for any Airbnb host, but it’s especially important if you want to give your guests an exceptional experience. Make sure that the floors are swept, the surfaces are wiped down, and all of the linens are fresh and clean before each check-in date so that your guests won’t have to worry about cleaning up after themselves during their stay. If all that seems a bit too much for one person to handle, consider employing the help of a professional cleaning service provider. They can give your Airbnb an extra shine and have it ready for your guests in no time. They can also help restock supplies and ensure everything is in order.

Include Local Artwork


Adding local artwork or decorations is a great way to give a sense of locality and culture to those visiting from out of town or country. This could be anything from paintings by local artists or handmade crafts from nearby markets – it will help create a memorable atmosphere in your Airbnb space! Additionally, it’s a great way to support the local community and promote small businesses.

By including these small touches in your Airbnb space, you can create an environment that will leave your guests with a memorable experience. They help make the space more inviting and comfortable, and they also add a sense of locality and culture for those visiting from out of town or country. You can take your Airbnb business to the next level with just a few simple additions!