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6 Destinations Around the World Every Foodie Should Visit

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Once traveling has become normal and safe again, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to travel and go on a journey to experience a new culture, especially in the form of the local food. Being a foodie and a traveler is a perfect combination to give yourself more unforgettable memories of every city and country you visit. Every place has some amazing food to offer, but some stand out from the rest with the kind of culinary experience the locals have to offer.

Top Foodie Cities

Planning for your next trip should be a process you’re looking forward to, especially after nearly two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions. Besides Googling for traveling essentials such as portable phone chargers or mosquito traps for sale, discounted accommodation, and the safest countries, you should also look into these cities that can give you a memorable foodie experience.

1. Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam’s capital city has always been one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia. Still, it cemented its status as a foodie city when the former president of the United States, Barrack Obama, and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain ate together in a local restaurant. That dinner made the place a popular spot for both tourists and locals alike.

Once you’re in Hanoi, you will quickly notice the abundance of coffee shops as Vietnam is known for its coffee and is the top coffee exporter in Southeast Asia. Their egg coffee is a must-try alongside their other popular food like banh mi (sandwich), pho (noodles), bun cha (noodles with pork), and spring rolls.

2. Bangkok, Thailand

If you’re into some spicy Asian food, then Thai food should be something you should experience by going to the country’s capital city. Bangkok is a lively city with many street food stalls, local restaurants, and other foodie spots that offer you the contrasting spicy, sweet, and citrusy flavors Thai food is known for.

You have to try their pad Thai which is their fried noodles, and their variations of curry from red curry, Thai green curry, Panaeng curry, and more. It will spice up your travels, so make sure you go to a local milk tea shop to cool down your taste buds.

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3. Guadalajara, Mexico

Mexican food is so good that UNESCO once awarded it as 2010’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, which means any city in Mexico will offer you the best foodie experience. But Guadalajara is the city you must go to if you want to eat some local food and have it with some tequila, which is what the city is known for.

For authentic local food from the city, the iconic soup called pozole and goat meat called birria are must-try cuisines. Of course, you should also explore some torta ahogadas and lonche, which are both Mexican sandwiches filled with exciting flavors.

4. Jaipur, India

The South Asian country is just too massive and rich in history and vibrant culture that it will be tough to choose one city. Thus, do yourself a favor and explore others, but Jaipur is not to be missed if you’re into some local street food in between shopping for jewelry, fabrics, handicrafts, and sightseeing.

What will make your trip to India more interesting is when you ride the train to explore the big country and get from one city to the next. During your ride, eat some curries, samosas, naan, or biryani, and drink some chai and lassi while you’re seeing the Indian countryside that is nothing short of being colorful.

5. Beirut, Lebanon

Lebanon is situated in the middle of Africa and Europe, making the county’s sights, culture, and food an exciting mix of two continents. The capital city is also the biggest in the country, and they have some of the most interesting food from kibbeh, kafta, hummus, fattoush, manakish, tabbouleh, kanafeh, etc. Some of these dishes might sound unfamiliar to you, but they will stay in memory for a long time after you’ve had them.

6. Florence, Italy

Known for Renaissance art, ancient architecture, fashion, and art, Florence is one of the best places you should visit at least once in your life. Get your cameras ready as every corner of the city is Instagrammable and has a rich culture and history. As for the food, the crostini, pane Toscano, and lampredotto should be on your list. For your dessert, you should have gelato, of course.

Enjoy Your Foodie Trip!

If reading some of these destinations and the food they offer doesn’t make you want to pack your bags, nothing else will. Give yourself a treat and enjoy the gastrointestinal experience.