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Unlike in the past, where only nobles could afford to wear accessories, men can now find various options of accents. Diamond-accented accessories are still expensive, but you can already find cheaper alternatives such as a bracelet with gold accents or a watch with fancy movements.

Individuals try to impress others and be unique by wearing brands that many aren’t familiar with. But it’s still more cost-efficient to look for high-quality accessories instead of spending your money on expensive products that don’t have excellent quality.

Below are 11 men’s accessories that can give them a neat image, leaving a good impression on people.


You shouldn’t ignore the beauty you get from wearing rings. Having a ring with visible jewels, genuine or not, will make your outfit more distracting, decreasing the appealing impression you want to leave on other people. Wear simple brands. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional options available in the market. Explore unique ideas or materials.

Marriage isn’t the only occasion that will allow you to wear rings. Your options shouldn’t only stop on silver or gold.


Using a scarf will make your outfit more appealing, but you should only wear it in the proper seasons. Wearing one during the hottest days of summer is uncomfortable and inappropriate, making people wonder what’s on your mind. Men’s scarves are also large accessories that can make your outfit brighter.


Not all men know how to wear hats properly. Using felt or wool hats isn’t advisable, so you should stick to the traditional materials. Wearing that is inappropriate because both materials are only suitable for winter.

Or, you can also pair the wool hat if you’re wearing a suit. If you’re going with something casual, bucket hats, baseball caps, or beanies will do the trick. Your Panama will also make your suit look more appealing.

Lastly, straw hats are popular in summer due to their casual appearance and weight.

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Necklaces are another staple component in men’s fashion. In wearing one, you should keep the pendant simple. Like your rings, a large chain or pendant will break your entire outfit, making you look distracting. If you’re going for a casual look, use leather cords.


Most men ignore the beauty they can get from using belts and customized belt buckles. It can tie your outfit together. If you’re going for something formal, make sure to match your belt and footwear. To get a more casual appearance, you can wear mismatched shades. Matching shoes and belts also look awkward. You can use web belts if you want a more aggressive or casual appearance.


Wallets have two purposes. Firstly, it holds your money. Next, it’s an accessory. Using leather wallets gives off a sophisticated impression. Bulky or huge wallets are suitable for casual outfits, but slim ones are better suited for formal gatherings. Oxblood, brown, or black are popular colors. Other men tend to match their leather accents.


High-quality gloves use wool or leather. You can pick the color scheme you want, but it’s best to pick something that matches your monochromatic outfits. You can use leather gloves for formal and casual gatherings, but wool is only for casual outfits.


Men love to wear watches. Most of them prefer to match their watch with their belt or other leather accents. Using fabric straps for the watch is for a casual appearance. If you’re aiming for something more formal, opt for silver or gold. Make sure to keep your watch plain and straightforward. If you don’t want to leave a wrong impression, don’t use analog watches unless it has an exciting movement and is high-quality.


Men’s footwear is also another accessory that can make or break their outfits. Men have their styles, but leather isn’t the best option for a casual business. Your sandals are wherein you can wear them without socks, on the beach, or for everyday events.


Use cufflinks for French cuff outfits. By nature, French cuffs are for formal outfits. You can decide on the design, but don’t pick designs that have large jewelry. If you use that, you might be leaving the wrong impression. If toning down the formality of your outfit is your goal, make sure to use silk-knot cufflinks.


Determine your reason for getting a bag. If you want to look sharp or sophisticated, use a leather bag. Men have the habit of matching their leather accessories. For example, your messenger bags are a comfy choice. Only use a briefcase for formal meetings.

Men’s fashion has always been popular, but not all know how to look into the finer details of each accessory. Many tend to ignore men’s accessories. Bear in mind that your accessories will quickly make or break your outfit, leaving a bad image.