A Busy Parent Couple’s Guide to a Weekday Vacation

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Most married couples have to sacrifice their time to take care of their responsibilities and errands, even on the weekends. This situation is especially true for those with young children. While balancing work and family life may be difficult, it is crucial to make time for yourself. You can do this by planning weekend activities that everyone can enjoy, such as going for a walk, playing games, or watching a movie. Setting aside time daily to connect with your spouse and children is also essential. You can do this over dinner or during bedtime stories. By making an effort to spend time with your family, you will create lasting memories that will last a lifetime.

However, spending time with your spouse alone is also essential, which might not be achievable on the weekend. Fortunately, vacations can also happen on weekdays. It might be more challenging to schedule, but it is possible. Here is a guide on how you can achieve it.

Take a Leave from Work

Parenting is a full-time job. And, for many parents, working a full-time job is also necessary. Juggling work and parenting responsibilities can be challenging, especially on the weekends. Trying to take a weekday vacation is often nearly impossible. Most jobs do not offer paid leave for vacation days taken during the week. And, even if they did, it is often difficult to get time off work.

For parents who need the pay from their job to support their family, taking a weekday vacation is often not an option. Paid vacation days are usually only offered to employees who have been with a company for a certain amount of time or have reached a certain level of seniority. Parenting is a demanding job that does not always offer flexible hours or paid maternity/paternity leave. As a result, it can be challenging for parents to take time off for vacation.

Fortunately, vacations are something you can look forward to, which means you can schedule the time you can take a leave from work. If it is not possible to take a paid vacation, you can always take unpaid leave. However, it would be better to check with your employer beforehand to see if they offer this option.

Schedule Around Your Kids’ School and Activities

An after school care program for kids

When planning a weekday vacation, it is vital to schedule your kids’ school and activities. If you have older children, they might be able to stay home alone or with a babysitter/nanny. But, if you have younger children, you must make arrangements for their care while you are gone.

If your children are in school, you can schedule your vacation during their school days off or during the summer months. However, it will still require you to get nanny services. Unfortunately, most parents might want to take advantage of kids being in school most of the time, which takes up half the day of responsibilities. Fortunately, you can extend it by enrolling your kid in an after-school care program, which can help them continue to learn despite not being in school. It will be beneficial when the end of your work shift does not match the time your child’s school ends.

Moreover, if your children enroll in extracurricular activities, you can also schedule your vacation around their activities. For example, if they have a sports game on the weekend, you can take a weekday off to watch them play. This way, you can still spend time with your family while getting a break from work.

Take Turns with Your Spouse

A relaxing weekday vacation doesn’t have to be about you and your spouse together all the time. It can be more fun if you take turns doing different activities. One spouse takes care of responsibilities at home while the other enjoys some time to themselves. This way, you can have a break from work without worrying about leaving behind your responsibilities at home.

Self-care activities usually don’t require much planning. For example, one spouse can watch the kids while the other goes out for a spa day. Or, one spouse can stay home and work while the other hangs out with friends.

This way, you can enjoy time without worrying about everything at home. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to when you return from your vacation.

However, a vacation is more fun when you are with your partner. While taking turns might be a more convenient alternative, it should not be a routine practice. Coordinating your schedules will be the top priority, and if the weekdays do not provide much wiggle room, going on the weekend might be a better option.


It is possible to take a weekday vacation as a working parent. However, it does require some planning and coordination. By following the tips above, you can make it work for you and your family.