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Things You Can Do to Be Kinder to Yourself

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Feeling burnt out doesn’t have a time or place. Sometimes, it just comes without any clear trigger. You forget about your purpose and are losing interest and motivation to do whatever.

While the new year is a very common symbolic fresh start for many, some may find themselves under the burden of the pressure they give themselves. Instead of seeing the new year as a fresh start, it can feel like it’s another year of suffering or failure. Well, if that’s the case, you might now be giving yourself enough credit.

Perhaps you feel like you haven’t accomplished what you planned to by this time and you’re beating yourself up about it. People can feel this way, and they’re usually fine more than how they feel. In order to fight this, you have to start with yourself.

Give yourself the credit that you deserve

It may be true that you haven’t achieved things you’re supposed to, but you still got to have some accomplishments along the way. Maybe your mind is just so locked up about that one goal that you forgot about how far you’ve really come. 

Try to stop for a minute and think about everything that you’ve accomplished in the past year. No matter what people say, only you know how difficult it is to get to where you are now and you should congratulate yourself.

Stop comparing your life to other people’s

You’re probably sick of hearing that every person has different experiences and you don’t know what’s behind closed doors or behind cameras and Instagram profiles. Well, while those are completely true, there is another way to put it: Everything and everyone is comparable. 

Putting it this way may seem less positive, yet it’s absolutely more realistic. It’s true that people are always going to compare and define based only on what they know. Now, what you want to do is train yourself not to care and keep doing what works for you. And the only way to not care about social media is to limit yourself from using it.

Be happy for other people (and for yourself too)

This can be hard for some, not because they feel hate towards other people, but because of the pressure they put on themselves. In fact, it’s often easy to be happy for someone else, but when it comes to yourself, you’re having a tough time. Oneself really is their worst critic.

You can be happy for yourself and for other people too. This is a scenario where you’re supposed to not care about the comparisons and just stop comparing.

Give yourself some space and let yourself relax

Realize the fact that you’ve been working really hard and that you need a break too. Take the vacation you’ve always wanted. Go on a solo trip, treat yourself to a delicious meal. Whatever it is, believe in yourself enough that you deserve it. It’s just right to keep you going. You’ll come back with a fresh mind and new motivations to keep on achieving your goals and get the life you want.

If a vacation is too expensive for you, there’s always another cheaper way. Find a hobby that should be beneficial for your wellness. Read a book on mental health, take mindfulness classes, such as yoga for beginners. There are even online tai chi classes offered. They’re not only for the elderly, you know. 

Just remember that you have a life outside your career and let yourself take a break every once in a while.

Conquer your fears

Fear is a major reason you’re stuck. The first step to conquering fear is to educate yourself about the thing you’ve been afraid to do. If you’ve been afraid to invest your money, then learn what you can about investing and use it to finally take the step forward. You can only know what happens if you experience it yourself. 

If you’re afraid to switch careers, then prepare yourself to go back to the bottom and start educating yourself about the field. Realize that there’s no other way but through.

It’s never easy to fight this burnt-out feeling. It sometimes takes so much to make yourself feel alive again, so it’s really important that you walk at your own pace. Even if it means going back a step, that’s okay too. What’s important is you’re not staying where there’s no progress. Start small, and it will grow bigger than you expect in the long run. The beginning is usually the hardest part, so that’s an achievement too.