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Amenities to Consider for Your Independent Hotel

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  • Luxury amenities can help independent hotels stand out in the competitive hospitality industry.
  • Spas, Jacuzzis & hot tubs, beauty salons & barbershops, sports-related features, entertainment areas, and jazz & karaoke clubs are luxury options for an independent hotel.
  • These amenities create experiences guests cannot receive at home or in a standard hotel room, providing more opportunities to enjoy themselves and mingle with others.
  • Careful planning and dedication can transform an independent hotel into a luxurious destination for travelers.

Hotels in tourist destinations are ideal businesses because they provide travelers with a convenient and comfortable place to stay while visiting the area. According to statistics from the U.S. Travel Association, there were 2.29 billion domestic trips taken by Americans, a 2% increase from the previous year. Furthermore, over half of all U.S. travelers (51%) prefer to stay at hotels when traveling for leisure purposes, according to research from Longwoods International.

The convenience of hotels makes them especially attractive for travelers who are usually looking for a place to rest at the end of their day’s activities without having to worry about cooking or cleaning up after themselves like they would have to if they stayed in traditional rental homes or apartments during their vacation or business trip. Hotels offer on-site restaurants and bars, fitness centers, swimming pools, laundry facilities, and Internet access, making it easy for visitors to enjoy their stay without venturing too far from their hotel room or suite.

However, a few other amenities can make your hotel stand out from the rest in a tight competition for guests. Here are some features you should consider offering to make sure your independent hotel is attractive to potential visitors:

Luxury Amenities

A hotel guest enjoying a spa

The highly competitive hospitality industry and offering luxury amenities can help independent hotels differentiate themselves. The more amenities a hotel offers, the more attractive it becomes to potential guests. Luxury amenities create experiences travelers cannot receive at home or in a standard hotel room.

Entrepreneurs should strive to provide guests with a luxurious experience that surpasses their expectations when designing their hotel. This means providing high-end services and products that up the ante on comfort and luxury, such as:


Spas are one of the most sought-after luxury amenities in hotels today. They offer visitors a chance to relax and unwind with massages, facials, manicures/pedicures, aromatherapy treatments, and other pampering experiences. Additionally, spas can be used as a marketing tool to attract customers seeking a relaxing getaway or special treat while away from home.

Jacuzzis & Hot Tubs

Jacuzzis have been around since the 1950s but remain popular among travelers today due to their ability to soothe sore muscles and improve circulation with powerful jets of hot water. Coupled with underwater lighting effects, these hot tubs offer guests an immersive sensory experience that can be enjoyed alone or shared with friends or family members during vacation time.

Beauty Salons & Barber Shops

Salons are another way for hotels to provide extra services beyond just accommodation needs; they allow guests to indulge in beauty treatments like haircuts, styling, manicures/pedicures, waxing services, facial treatments, etc., all within the confines of your property’s luxurious atmosphere without ever having to leave its walls for convenience sake.

Sports-Related Features

Bowling alley for hotel guests

More and more hotels are offering sports-related amenities to bring in active travelers. Hotels with a golf course, tennis court, volleyball courts, or other facilities that promote physical activity can be a great addition to any independent hotel. Not only do these features draw active travelers, but they also allow guests to stay fit while on vacation.

Bowling alleys indoors are also ideal for guests who want to have fun but don’t want to break a sweat. The activity can be enjoyed by adults and children, making for a great family vacation. You can partner with a bowling center construction company to design and build a custom bowling alley in your hotel.

Entertainment Areas

Hotels with entertainment areas like bars, lounges, and live music venues help create a memorable experience for guests. These places allow travelers to have a special night out without leaving the comfort of their hotel. With the addition of an entertainment area, hotels can offer an immersive, interactive atmosphere that sets them apart from other properties.

Additionally, having an entertainment area provides guests with more opportunities to enjoy themselves and mingle with others while staying at your hotel. This helps create a sense of community within your property, which can go a long way in building loyalty among travelers.

Jazz Clubs

Jazz clubs are a great example of how entertainment areas can help make your independent hotel stand out from its competitors. Jazz is one of the most popular music genres today and offers guests an exclusive atmosphere they won’t find anywhere else. The combination of live music, dim lighting, and intimate seating creates a sophisticated ambiance that appeals to all guests—from solo travelers to couples on romantic getaways.

Karaoke Bar

Karaoke bars can be a fun addition to any independent hotel. Singing karaoke is a popular pastime in many countries, and it’s sure to draw guests who want to show off their singing chops while on vacation. A karaoke bar can also offer nightly performances from local acts, helping your property reach out to the community while giving visitors a unique experience they won’t find anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

Independent hotels must compete with large hotel chains for customers, and offering unique amenities can be a great way to stand out. From spas and hot tubs to live music venues and karaoke bars, there are countless ways to make your property attractive to travelers. Remember that luxury amenities help create an experience visitors cannot receive at home or in a standard hotel room. With careful planning and dedication, you can transform your independent hotel into a luxurious destination for travelers near and far!