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Helping Our Aging Parents and Guardians

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Let’s try to sit down, relax, and take a deep breath. Think about some of your fondest memories as a child. Chances are, you’ll think about the loved ones who took care of you while you were growing up. Today, you are so much older, but so are they.

Body Changes to Watch Out for in Older Adults

Older adults experience a lot of changes in their bodies. As a result, they are no longer as strong and as fast as they used to be. Their bone size and density shrink over the years, and that’s why they are more prone to suffering from fractures.

It’s also one of the causes why older adults grow shorter. The changes in the bones and muscles make older adults weaker. As a result, they no longer have the vigor to participate in strenuous physical activities. As a result, they often suffer from issues in balance, stability, and body coordination.

Most Common Health Concerns of Older Adults

Imagine a beautiful woman becoming a successful surgeon. Let’s call her Ellis. Her skills and expertise easily make her one of the most famous and highest-paid doctors in the country. However, at age 59, she starts having problems with concentration and memory.

As the months go on, she loses her memories. She quickly enters a confused state. More time passes, and she starts having difficulty reading, writing, and organizing her thoughts. Eventually, she decides to consult with another doctor. And unfortunately, Ellis finds out that she has Alzheimer’s.

She now has to quit her job and leave her fruitful career as a surgeon. As the years roll on, she loses even more of her memories until she forgets everyone, especially those she loves. She is unable to handle the ordinary day-to-day struggles and challenges and has to live with assistance for the rest of her life.

Alzheimer’s is one of the common health concerns that older adults deal with. It is the most common type of dementia that people experience. Across the world, over 50 million adults have dementia. One in every nine of them, from 65 and above, has Alzheimer’s disease.

Many older adults suffer from other mental health concerns. For example, many of them suffer from depression, a medical condition characterized by extreme and prolonged feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and guilt. Many others have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and anxiety.

Not only does their mental health deteriorate but their physical well-being as well. One of the most common and dangerous ailments older adults face is cardiovascular disease. Some of their complaints will be discomfort, pressure, tightness, and pain in the chest.

Not only will their hearts weaken, but so will other organs. For example, many older adults suffer from conditions in their livers and kidneys, too. Their deteriorating bodies are one of the most important reasons why we have to take care of them.

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How to Take Care of Older Adults

One of the necessary and most prudent things to do is to make sure that we monitor their health. That’s why it’s essential to take them to the doctor for a regular checkup. But, more importantly, we need to visit them if they’re not living with us. Our parents and grandparents may not talk about it, but they often get lonely. As a result, older adults often suffer from isolation. This isn’t only bad for their mental health but also for their bodies.

Depression is known to cause or worsen existing medical conditions. For example, older adults have a higher risk of suffering from a heart attack, coronary artery disease, and cancer due to depression. In addition, it’s not only unhealthy, uncomfortable, and at times painful, but it can also be very lonely and isolating.

We can improve the quality of their life by making sure they eat a healthy diet and have regular exercise. We also have to make sure that they take their medicine and supplements. The most crucial part is that we spend time with them to know they have people who love and support them.

The truth, however, is that not everyone has the time to take care of their older loved ones personally. Our professional and personal engagements shouldn’t let us neglect their needs. That’s why it’s essential to consider in-house medical care.

There are many benefits to hiring help. For one, they are personal companions who can look out for our older loved ones. This means that they’re not only there to attend to their medical and health needs, but they also provide essential social interaction.

Hiring a professional to take care of older adults help increase their safety and security. For example, they are often prone to fall because they can’t maintain their balance. It would be beneficial if we have someone to help walk around the house and look out for them.

Hiring help also increases the independence of our older loved ones because they can stay in their homes and have company. Older adults don’t have to worry about being alone and getting sick. At the very least, they have someone with them.

Of course, having someone to care for our older loved ones will give us peace of mind, knowing that they are not by themselves. These caretakers give assurance that we can rely on their skills, training, and expertise to care for older adults. Of course, we want them to have a good quality of life.