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5 Things That Make Small Weddings Special

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Whether it’s for budgetary reasons or personal preference, having a small wedding is a common choice for many couples today. Other than practicality, people have become more conscious of the environment. Eliminating waste as much as possible is one of the priorities many couples have in their wedding plans.  Whatever the reason, having a small wedding isn’t a bad idea at all. Here’s why.

What Makes a Wedding Small?

A small wedding is mostly characterized by its short and intimate guest list. Invited guests are often strictly family and close friends only. Although many sources may differ in the number of guests, surely the principle remains. The shorter the guest list, the more intimate the wedding.

This might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but to some, this is their dream wedding. Being able to share an important and special day with their closest loved ones is all they could ask for.  After all, dream weddings can look different, and they’re all valid.

What Makes a Small Wedding Special?

Other than being surrounded by loved ones,  having a controlled number of people enables the soon-to-be-weds to fully immerse in this experience. Having little people to tend to allows more room to focus on what truly matters on that big and special day. Should there be any mishap (God forbid) at least the crowd is controllable and logistics won’t be much of a problem. Years to come, it might even become a funny anecdote family and friends can recall together during gatherings.

To fully enjoy your wedding day, here are some points to make it all the more memorable:

A Strategic and Thoughtful Guest List

Speaking of guest lists, it might be time to make yours. Choosing guests to invite is more stressful than people make it seem. But the advantage of a small wedding is that it’s easier to narrow down the people that you really want to be there on your special day. Don’t forget to add some wiggle room for plus ones too!

Making the guest list is a joint effort, so be sure that two heads instead of one were involved in the planning. Besides, it’s both the bride’s and groom’s family and friends attending the wedding.

The Venue

Because of the small number of guests, there are more venues to choose from financially and spatially. From a home garden wedding to a beach wedding, the choices are limitless.

Try to elevate the decor. Not much will be allocated for this department, but since the space will be relatively small, the workload won’t be as heavy as a big wedding. Utilize string lights for ambiance, flowers for elegance, and white drapes for a rustic feel.

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A Unique Reception

You can opt for indoor wedding reception venues, or have it outdoors with a long or u-shaped table set up for the guests. Another perk of feeding a small crowd is how intentional and detailed a menu can be. Splurge a little on the menu. Choose delicious meals and desserts, while taking into consideration the allergies and health of your loved ones. Other than making use of the intimate knowledge you have of the people in your life, be sure to ask other guests about their dietary restrictions and allergies.

Moving on to the decor aspect of the reception, get dainty and stylish place settings.

Consider keeping centerpieces to a minimum. Surely everybody would like to face each other and converse during their meal.

A Comfy Lounge Area

Because it’s intimate, there’s a high chance that everybody already knows everybody. There’ll be catching up here and there, minus the formalities and casual small talk. Make it more comfortable by providing a lounge area. There’s nothing more intimate than a laid-back chit-chat among close friends and family members. Plus, a lounge area will be greatly appreciated after a day of wearing heels.

Personalized Wedding Favors

The useful or edible wedding favors are the best favors. For a more fail-proof route, consider giving away snacks or sweet treats. A great perk of edible favors is that this helps eliminate waste. Choose something exciting and decadent, such as cookies or your famous homemade sauce will surely be a hit. Adding a personal touch makes it even more special. Add something like a tag with the guest’s name written in calligraphy.

The size of the wedding ultimately depends on the couple. How many people and who to invite heavily depends on them too, needless to say. After all, the true value of a wedding does not rest on how much was spent or how long the guest list is. For many people, It’s about being able to share a day that marks the start of a new chapter in their lives with the people they care about.