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Corporate & Private Events


Sopra is an event space available for booking all year round for all kinds of special occasions.  Each event menu is custom created with Paolo Paolini and our team  of chefs.  Using a simple template, we will build your menu along with you to ensure that all dietary restrictions are met, and all appetites satisfied.

Mistura & Sopra Upper Lounge have catered to some of the most seasoned and discriminating tastes in the city for many successful years, let us show you why they keep coming back. We offer a state of the art sound system to arrange live music or dj at your discretion.

Sopra works along with several well known Toronto talent agencies to offer all forms of entertainment.  Just ask the team of Sopra experts how you can customize your event and expect the best!

Sopra’s “Main Room”

Sopra can host up to 85 guests for a formal seated dinner service, up to 100 for a buffet-style, and up to 120 guests for cocktail service. We can offer a variety of banquet style arrangements and configurations.

Sopra’s main room features the beautiful Wine cellars along one short side of the space near to the entrance way, and a stunning White Onyx bar along the long side of the room, opposite to the banquettes.

We maintain Sopra for private events and generally keep a selection of liquor, wine and cocktail options stocked, all set to different price points. We can easily provide you an estimate for the bar spend based on which options you would like available to your guests. Our bar is always charged by consumption exclusively.

Sopra also features a flat screen TVs in the private room section, you are welcome to run a laptop presentation, or photo reel with musical accompaniment which can air over the sound system.

Sopra’s “Fireplace Room”

We can host up to 30 guests at 1 long, boardroom style table for a seated dinner, or up to 36 guests at 3 tables for 12 people each.

For a reception or buffet style party, our Fireplace room is suitable for up to 50 stand-up guests to be hosted. Sopra’s Fireplace room is a completely enclosed space which when the door is closed, with particular exceptions, you do not have to be aware of the main room activities. We can setup various areas within the Fireplace room to create a “Lounge” effect and offer casual seating at small tables for up to approximately 22 guests.


Sopra’s Fireplace room is opulently interior decorated, with Wine cabinets lining 1 wall and the other peeking out onto Davenport Road, the fireplace room also has mirrored tiling decorating 1 wall, and the entire ceiling creating the effect of a larger space, while dining intimately. The wall switch fireplace is surrounded by Emerald Green Marble work, reflective of the other stone accents in our Sopra venue. There is a flat screen Samsung tucked into the far corner for small group presentations, or to run a background photo reel on during your event.